Project Description

  • Location: KP 29~TEKEDOR AND KP 19~ PORO CREEK
  • Project started: 16TH NOVEMBER, 2016.
  • Project complited: 27TH NOVEMBER 2016
  • Category:

Service Overview

The detailed sectional integrity assessment projects were executed in the sequence as stated below: Mobilization of equipment and personnel from our base office at Enerhen Road to both sites (KP19 & 29) respectively Survey and flagging off of life line(s) and pegging of gas line and other existing underground facilities Site Preparation for equipment off loading at possible closest point to site of operation Cordoning off of the work areas and redirecting other route users to other safe and free routes Anchoring of A-Frames, Tug Boats and Barges closest to sport of operations Excavation of 24” line 200m upstream and 200meters downstream and floatation of A-frames in-between pipes at equal-distant positions for even pipe lifts Removal of 12 Wraps from each joints (3upsrteam and 3dowmstream) on both sites Visual Inspection and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of the 3pipes and Joints (upstream and downstream) from leaks Demobilization of equipment and personnel from site

Costumers Wishes

NGPTC monitoring team should be highly commended for their time, effort and sacrifices to monitor all the stages of the job irrespective of weather conditions and made meaningful contributions at each stage. Client should ensure that the right drawings for a facility is available to the contractor before moving to site in other not to temper with other ground facilities. NGPTC should also be commended for properly flushing the line before the assessment work. All welded Joint should be properly wrapped and protected to specification. When lowering river crossing, optimal care should be in place to avoid kink of pipes Proper protection system should be in place to double protect pipes 6new Line 24’’ CWC pipes should be used on both sides for the river crossing