Project Description

  • Client: Nigeria Gas Company
  • Location: KP33+700EGWAIN – DELTA STATE
  • Project started: 1ST FEBRUARY, 2019
  • Project complited: 5TH FEBRUARY. 2019
  • Category:

Service Overview

The project was executed in the sequence as stated below: Material (1CWC Pipe) Collection from Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) stack yard in Ekpan-Warri Delta State, and onward transportation through flatbed trucks to Geecoms Jetty at Enerhen Road, Enerhen Warri, Delta State. Mobilization of personnel and equipment from our base office at EnerhenRoad tosite through water (Marine) Site Preparation for equipment off loading at possible closest point to site of operation Transportation of materials and equipment from point of off loadunto A-frames for transportation to site of repairs by sectional replacement Slinging of Belt on Pipes onto A-frames, Welding Machinesand accessories transport on work-basin, etc, and onward float to leak spot by Swamp Buggy Excavators to leaking spot Excavation of pipeline 120meters upstream and downstream from replacement area Slinging and Pipes Positioning, stage preparation meters from leaking spot for welding operations Gas testing of the area for safe work Cold cutting of pipeline agreed sport for replacement. Venting and Continuous gas testing of the areas for safe hot work Tie-in welding of new spool of pipe (1) to existing pipeline X-ray of all newly welded joints, wrapping, repairs and concrete doping Repairs of PE coats on other seen surface defects on the PE coat of the Pipeline Lowering pipelines, installation of existing saddles on PE pipeline segments Backfilling of newly installed pipe spool section and other excavated pipe length Demobilization of Equipment and personnel from site

Costumers Wishes

NGC monitoring team should be commended for their promptness and alertness during the execution of the job, and their effort to monitor all the stages of the job. NGC team also must be emulated for their professional disposition all through the period of the project. NGC should ensure that the right drawings for a facility as well as all others on and in their right of way (ROW) is available to the contractor before moving to site in other not to temper with other ground facilities and save time for searching and flagging off of those facilities. Facilities that are located in areas that are prone to accessibility of the locals by foot, local canoes, speed boats, should be properly protected by (concrete coating), and proper profiling and Lowering to bed of river to keep away from all forms of unauthorized tempering with the line pipes.