Project Description

  • Client: Nigeria Gas Company
  • Location: EGWA-2 & MARTINS CREEK
  • Project started: 21ST MAY, 2015
  • Project complited: 11TH JUNE, 2015
  • Category:

Service Overview

The project was executed in the sequence as stated below: Mobilization of personnel and equipments from our base office at Enerhen road and Chevron Clinic road to site. Site Preparation for equipment barge anchoring possible closest point to site of operation. Trenching and creek expansion for easy flotation of A-frames, Work basins, and speed boat movement to operations site. Slinging of Belt on chain blocks on each A-Frame and Offloading of Pipes with Crane and onward carriage and floating on A-frame to job spot. Positioning of A-frames on the blast spot for jack up. Excavation of pipeline 8pipes upstream from the affected area and 10pipes downstream from blast spot. UT of 2joints before and after the blast spot Welding of a spool of 7pipes at Egwa-2 and 9pipes X-ray of all welded joints, wrapping and concrete doping Cold cutting of the pipe from a joint after the Blast spot Mud Plugging and Pigging of Exiting line and tie-in of spool to exiting line Lowering, Installation of Saddles and Backfilling Demobilization

Costumers Wishes

NGC monitoring team should be highly commended for their time effort and sacrifices to monitor all the stages of the job irrespective of weather conditions. NGC team also must be emulated for their friendly disposition all through the period. Client should properly flush line as many times as possible before engaging contractor for repairs to avoid incidences and emergencies. Client should ensure that the right drawing for a facility is available to the contractor before moving to site in other not to temper with other ground facilities. There should be provision for timber mat for personnel’s and equipments to gain access to site in the event of high or low tide.