Our services in marine and drilling sector comprises of the following;

  • EQUIPMENT HIRE FOR BOTH LAND AND MARINE: Geecoms integrated services limitedhas several construction equipment for both land and marine civil construction equipment Such as Concrete Mixer, Poker Vibrator, Generating Set, Pay-Loader, Cranes, Air Compressors, and Mechanical Equipment such as Welding Machines, Water pumps, and Earth moving equipment belonging to the company which can be hired by client upon request and the steps for equipment hire are:.
  • Clients request for boat hire are done via e-mail, phone call or verbal request after facility visit. This will be converted to job order utilizing the job order form.
  • Prepare requested boat for client’s pre-mobilization inspection to ascertain fitness.
  • Draft charter party agreement per request and get necessary approval. The Managing Director / General Manager should approve.
  • Upon approval by both parties, invoice should be issued and payment made before any activity commences.
  • After completion of activity, the day of arrival is noted upon return. In case of extension, this should be captured as requested.
  • Haulage of goods